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Beverly Hills Firefighters' Association

"Mary Wells has demonstrated again and again her commitment to protecting the residents of Beverly Hills. She has proven to be a strong partner with firefighters and first responders while on the Beverly Hills School Board. She understands the vital need for proactive planning and resources to combat the growing concerns of Beverly Hills residents. She will work with us and continue to invest more in firefighters, equipment, and tools we need to protect the public. Mary will lead our city with honesty and integrity in addressing the biggest challenges we face today
and that's why the Beverly Hills Firefighters' Association is proud to endorse Mary Wells for Beverly Hills City Council. Our Firefighters and first responders urge you to vote for Mary Wells on March 5th, 2024."

Les Bronte

Former Mayor of Beverly Hills

Honorary Co-Chair

"I look for experience and accomplishment in any City Council candidate. Mary has those qualities and more. Leading our City Council requires listening to constituents and acting in their best interests. Mary is solution driven and has consistently brought people together to make positive change. As a twice-elected member of the Beverly Hills City Council, I believe Mary is ready to serve. I’m voting for Mary and ask that you do too because she’s going to do great things for our city."


Rachelle Marcus

BHUSD Board Member, Vice President

Past President

Honorary Co-Chair

"Mary Wells gets it done!  In my sixty years of serving as both a teacher and then BHUSD School Board Member, I cannot remember a more challenging time for students, parents, teachers, and staff. Mary exceeded all my expectations by ensuring, with her strong and tireless commitment, the safe and timely return of our students to school, spearheading the passage of consensus-driven and fiscally responsible policies and changes, and ultimately saving our District millions and millions of dollars. Mary's impact on our schools has been monumental—she has set us on the path to great success for our schools. Mary can do for our City what she has done for our schools. I wholeheartedly support her to be our next Beverly Hills Councilmember."

Judie Fenton

Community Leader

Former Commissioner
Honorary Co-Chair

“This is what sets Mary apart; she tells you what she is going to do, and then she does it. She promised to bring fiscal accountability to the School Board and get construction back on track, and she did. She leads by listening and building consensus for her solutions. Mary’s background and intelligence give her the skills that set her apart from others. I know she will make a difference on our City Council.”


Lisa and Andy Licht 

Former Chair of BH  Planning Commission 

Former Chair of BH Traffic & Parking Commission, Campaign Co-Chairs

"Mary Wells is the candidate who has proven that she can focus on the issues and plan for the future. She had an immediate and positive impact on our Schools and she will do that for our City. She is a visionary, resident-focused and will protect our future quality of life."

Peter Ostroff

Former Chair of BH Planning Commission

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mary as chair of the School Board’s surplus property committee and have benefitted from her leadership qualities.  More broadly, I have observed Mary’s leadership and tactfulness in dealing with the challenges of the District’s complex construction issues and her work along with others that has succeeded in turning around a situation that she inherited into a win for the District.  Mary’s unique skill set will serve the City well.”


Grace and JR Dzubak

Past President of BH Rotary, BH Rec & Parks Commissioner, CEO Boys and Girls Club, Campaign Co-Chairs

"Mary Wells is the candidate who knows how to bring the community together and move us forward. She listens, respects the opinions of our residents and most importantly is in it to serve our community"

Azy and Fred Farahmand

BHUSD Parents, Campaign Co-Chairs

"Mary Wells gets it done. We have watched Mary build a coalition and successfully make meaningful changes at our schools. We need leaders who listen and are not afraid to solve hard problems. Mary Wells stands out above all others as that leader. She cares about our kids and our community.”


Hon. Barry Brucker

Former BH Mayor and Former BHUSD President

"I proudly support Mary Wells for BH City Council.  She is smart, articulate, inclusive and committed to fiscal accountability.   Her proven leadership will ensure we protect the peaceful quality-of-life for all our residents to keep us safe and protected."

Terri Kaplan

BH Planning Commissioner

"From my experience with the Army Corps of Engineers, in Beverly Hills city government, and working with Mary on School Board business, I know she’s the right candidate for City Council. Mary understands business risks, is fiscally savvy and responsible, appreciates that transparency and accountability are required for good governance, and will protect the community’s interest in the planning of our City’s future. She’ll get things done! I’m voting for Mary and ask that you do too.”


Franny Rennie

Former PTA/PTSA President, and BHEF Board Member

“Mary Wells is action-oriented, smart and effective. She is a team player who thinks about the big picture as well as the details. Mary is a forward-thinking leader who will address the many issues facing our city now and in the future. I have watched her work with many active community members in our city and schools and she has earned their respect and mine for her intelligence and ability to get things done.” 

Hon. Eliot Finkel

Former BH City Treasurer,

Campaign Treasurer

"As a member of the School District Finance Committee, I have witnessed the positive impacts Mary Wells has provided to the Board of Education, our schools, and our community. As a result of Mary’s efforts, oversight of the massive construction project, undertaken to make our schools safer for our children, is better run and less costly. Mary has been instrumental in promoting a better functioning, less contentious Board. I have also witnessed her work with the administration to promote a better run, more effective school system without the interfering micro-management which caused the rapid turnover of superintendents and other problems in the recent past. For these reasons, I support Mary’s candidacy for City Counsel and urge all of you to do likewise."


Hon. Howard S. Fisher

BH City Treasurer

Mary is committed to fiscal accountability. Mary is always thoughtful, and dedicated - that's why she brings success to all of her endeavors -  that's why I'm proud to support her for City Council."

Sam Yebri

Community Leader


"Mary's top priority is the safety and security of every Beverly Hills resident. We can trust Mary to fight to keep Beverly Hills families safe. I am proud to support Mary for City Council."


Ira M. Friedman

BH Charitable Solicitations Commissioner

"We need leaders with the courage and conviction to get things done. Mary’s success on the School Board has proven she’s that leader. Also, Mary’s unwavering support for Israel’s right to exist and defend itself, and her dedication to fight antisemitism in our city, ensures that our City Council will remain focused and supportive on these important issues. I’m voting for Mary and ask that vou do too!"

Dr. Michelle Yasharpour

BHUSD Parent

"I am grateful to Mary for establishing a standard of excellence at BHUSD. This includes making changes to our construction program which made our move to El Rodeo possible this Fall and creating a solid safety and security program."


Ladan Homayoon


Ladan's Wellness Sanctuary

"Mary Wells leads with integrity.  She has encouraged and promoted open communication and public involvement from ALL members of the community.  As a parent of a BHHS student, Mary has always been accessible, responsive andv supportive. That's the kind of proven leadership we need on the City Council."

Hon. Judy Kermani Manouchehri

BHUSD Board Member

"Mary Wells helped turn our School District around. Thanks to Mary, we have a strong security program, our construction schedule is on track and we are now financially secure. 
As a colleague of mine on the Board of Education, it is inspiring to see Mary’s standard of excellence, advocacy for our families and focus on transparency and process. I know Mary will bring that same standard of excellence to our City Council."


Hon. Robert K. Tanenbaum

Former Mayor of Beverly Hills

"Mary possesses the essential qualities required for effective public service: Integrity, Honor, Commitment wrapped around the courage to seek the truth for public dissemination. She has proven this as an elected BHUSD School Board Member and that is why she has earned my vote.”


Israeli-American Civil Action Network

"ICAN believes that [Mary Wells] demonstrate a strong commitment to fostering a positive relationship between the City of Beverly Hills and our diverse Jewish communities, as well as a supportive stance towards Israel."

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Why Wells Video Endorsements

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